First Indian To Be Executed In USA!

Thu Jan 11 2018 22:28:00 GMT+0530 (IST)

Indians have spread all over the world and many have been working hard to earn pride for India in other countries while few unable to control their urges commit crimes too. One such shameful incident is the execution of Raghunandan Yandamuri.

It's a shame because he is the first person to be executed in USA, and Indians are normally  known to be peace lovers but this doesn't look good for other NRIs. Yandamuri Raghunandan killed a grandmother and her 10 month old grand child in failed attempt to get ransome for kidnapping them.

Police have arrested him in 2014 and he pleaded guilty and death penalty immediately at the hearing once, police provided the necessary evidences. Judge has announced the capital punishment but later he tried to plead court to reduce the punishment, all went in vain.

His execution is decided to be held on 23rd of February. As he committed the crime in State of Pennsylvania, he will be executed in the state jail by lethal injection.

There is a chance that the execution could be postponed for few more days as Pennsylvania Governor needs to sign the execution orders within the month before the officer of Department of Executions announce the date.

As Pennsylvania is known for being anti-execution, The head of Department of  Executions might have to give another independent order to go ahead with the execution of the said prisoner.