Raghurama Krishnam Raju Atarts His Campaign Early!

Sun Mar 10 2019 13:26:06 GMT+0530 (IST)

We are watching a pattern from YCP leaders here. They are working extremely hard to win the 2019 elections using the anti-incumbancy wave against TDP Government.

Even though the party tickets haven't been announced yet, some of the leaders who  joined and some who left TDP for YSRCP and some long time supporters started campaigning.

From Narasapuram, Raghurama Krishnamraju is expecting YCP MP Ticket and it is almost confirmed for him, the moment he shifted from TDP to YCP.

He talked about his closeness with YSR at an event. He said, "I am so close to YSR that I named my grandson after him. I like his ideals and trust Jagan to fulfil them.

Only Jagan could walk 4000 kms as a political leader and making him CM of AP, will help us bring back great YSR's rein in the state."

Well, he is one of the leaders who started the campaigning quite early and he may take it to the next level once his ticket is confirmed, officially.

He could have easily remained in TDP and get the MP ticket but he chose YCP, for his close relative KVP!