What For Rahul Gandhi Urged Modi?

Sat Aug 18 2018 15:09:43 GMT+0530 (IST)

Congress President Rahul Gandhi urged PM Narendra Modi to declare the floods which devastated Kerala as a national disaster immediately. 'Dear PM, Please declare #Kerala floods a National Disaster without any delay. The lives, livelihood and future of millions of our people is at stake,' he appealed.

Rahul Gandhi asked Congress Leaders and Workers to help the flood victims as much as possible. He suggested them to demonstrate the core Congress Values of service and love.

By Saturday morning, Over 180 people have been declared dead due to the destruction caused by the floods. Rivers have been overflowing and landslides kept falling. As many as 3 lakh people were shifted to around 2,000 relief camps.

A financial assistance of Rs 100 crore is no way going to improve the dire situation of Keralites. Why the Prime Minister isn't yet declaring it as a national disaster?