Another MLA To Quit TDP

Thu Sep 13 2018 11:52:34 GMT+0530 (IST)

Anything can happen in politics…Leaders change the parties as per their convenience & Parties have alliance with the only goal of winning as many seats as possible.

Even though Mahakutami has materialized, Congress isn't refraining from luring TDP MLA into the party. LB Nagar sitting MLA R Krishnaiah declared that he is all set to join Congress.

During Rahul Gandhi's recent visit to Hyderabad, R Krishnaiah went to meet the Party President at a star hotel to express his wish to join Congress. Telangana Congress In-Charge Kuntiya has been in touch with Krishnaiah since then. TDP Leadership is in a helpless situation though Krishnaiah violated party discipline. It lacked the courage to suspend Krishnaiah from the party just because he is the National President of BC Welfare Association. Secondly, T-TDP is badly in need of the alliance with Congress to prove its existence.

Sathupalli MLA Sandra Venkata Veeraiah who was defamed due to Cash-for-Vote scandal is the only one left in TDP. He just continued in Telugu Desam as neither TRS nor Congress are keen to welcome him.