Rajni fans want their God in Politics!

Wed May 17 2017 19:14:56 GMT+0530 (IST)

Rajnikanth has been busy, meeting his fans since past three days to adhere to their long term wishes of meeting their Thalaivar and at least take one photography with him to preserve it as a memory. But right now, Tamil politics are in a great void with Amma Jayalalitha's sudden demise and follow up AIADMK fight for legal ownership of the party as true political heirs to AMMA.

DMK doesn't seem to have a strong voice with all the corruption charges hanging on their neck and Vijayakanth has become silent after DMDK's epic loss in combination with third front. Now, is the right time for Rajnikanth to enter politics if ever and many of his fans express this. They are forcing Rajni to announce his political entry with his own party.

But the actor is adamant on what he said in his speech three days ago. When many fans asked him once again, the actor replied, " As I said earlier, I have no ambitions for anything and it is God that guided in my life to achieve what you see today. I am more than content and if God permits and willing, then only I will enter politics and there is no hurry for that to happen."

Many fans have started sitting in front of residence asking him to enter the politics and they said, "We have enjoyed Thailvar's films on screen so many and we know want him to take Tamil Nadu forward." With pressure increasing day by day, what will Rajni decide now?