Ram Setu From Ramayana is Man-Made

Wed Dec 13 2017 22:24:29 GMT+0530 (IST)

A Promo of an upcoming show on Discovery Communications-owned Science Channel show the ground-breaking discovery about Rama Setu from Ramayana.

The TV Show 'What on Earth' presents an episode called 'Ancient Land Bridge'. NASA Scientists and Geologists have confirmed that Ram Setu isn't a natural formation but man-made.

In Ramayana, It's been written that Ram Setu bridge was constructed as per the instructions of Lord Rama. This bridge connects the Pamban Island and Mannar Island between India and Sri Lanka. The rocks of Ram Setu are believed to be 7,000 years old.

This scientific conclusion shuts the mouths of critics who question the very existence of the period ruled by Lord Rama. There are people who dub Lord Rama as a fictious character meant to show how a man should lead his life.