BJP C/o Rape, Kidnap Leaders?

Mon Apr 16 2018 11:32:33 GMT+0530 (IST)

After Nirbhaya incident, Unnao.. Kathua incidents have rocked the entire nation.  There are allegations on the BJP leaders of their involvement whether it is directly or indirectly.  In such a scenario, an institution named Association for Democratic Reforms has taken up a survey on our leaders who are facing serious allegations of rape and kidnap.  They have analysed the nomination papers of the leaders for the survey and revealed shocking facts.

They have found out in the survey that 51 leaders are facing the allegations of kidnapping women and rape.  In the list, 48 of them are MLAs and 3 of them are  MPs.  BJP is leading in the list with 14 leaders facing such criminal allegations.  With Seven leaders Shiv Sena is in the second position.  Trinamool Congress occupied the third position with 6 leaders.

They have analysed 4852 affidavits know the criminal cases of the public representatives in India.  1581 MPs.. MLAs have revealed about their cases in their affidavits.  If we look at the state-wise list, Maharashtra topped the list with 12 representative facing serious criminal allegations.  West Bengal is in the second place with 11 leaders with such allegations.  Odisha occupied the third place in the list.

If we take the list of the leaders who contested the elections who are facing such criminal charges in the last five years, 19 of MP contestents and 103 are MLA contestents have revealed that they are facing rape, kidnap cases.  If we take the list party-wise, BJP is leading the list 48 leaders who contested the elections despite facing such criminal charges. BSP followed BJP with 36 leaders. Congress occupied the third place with 27 leaders.  When the legislative members and contestants are part of such heinous crimes, how can common people expect they will put a full stop to such cases?