Rashmi Says GT-2 Is Better Than GST-2!

Sun Feb 18 2018 23:03:05 GMT+0530 (IST)

Rashmi Gautam has been one of the daring and most self-relying woman of Telugu Film and TV Industry. 

There have been many rumours about her but she never tried to clarify on them as much as she wanted to on this one. 

Inrn one of her chit-chat sessions with her fans, one of them asked her if rnshe will ever consider acting in GST, God, Sex and Truth. 

She replied to it saying that she will be happy to do GT-2 and not GST-2. 

Manyrn read it wrong and thought she is happy to act nude in GST-2 and in her rnnext session, they asked her how can you be comfortable to act in a GST rnfilm.

The anchor rnimmediately clarified that she is willing to do Guntur Talkies-2, if rnPraveen Sattaru returns to direct it and not even considering GST-2. rnWell, that should subside the uproar against her.