YCP MPs Resignations - Delay In Acceptance!

Wed Jun 06 2018 16:51:33 GMT+0530 (IST)

Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan accepted the resignations of five YSR Congress MPs at last. Why the acceptance of resignations have been delayed despite submitting them in Speaker's Format?

If the buzz is true, BJP Leadership has intentionally delayed accepting the resignations so as to avoid by-elections. No scope for by-polls if there is less than one year for the general elections.

Had if Lok Sabha Speaker accepted the resignations immediately, By-elections to five Lok Sabha Constituencies represented by YSR Congress Party would have certainly happened. Neither TDP nor any other party would dare to field their candidates. Why because, People wouldn't appreciate it as YCP MPs resigned for Special Category Status. YSR Congress would have retained all the seats with thumping majority irrespective of Opponent.

To avoid embarrassment and escalation of Special Status sentiment, BJP Leadership ruled out any chances of by-elections. What an idea Amit Shah?