Strategy behind PK's Neutral Stand

Sat Aug 19 2017 18:21:28 GMT+0530 (IST)

Pawan Kalyan declared Jana Sena Party has taken neutral stand when it comes to the crucial Nandyal by-election. He did mention in particular that Voters shouldn't believe those Leaders who claim to be having his support.

Why did PK take a neutral stand? Nobody would have questioned him even if he remained silent & unaccessible until Nandyal by-poll polling. Still, He decided to make his stand clear for reasons known best to him. The neutral stand gave an impression to people that Pawan is conveying to his Supporters that they needn't vote for the Ruling Party.

Analysts say, Pawan Kalyan might be settling scores with TDP which used his services in 2014 to form the Government but began down-playing his contribution after overcoming what appeared like a imminent defeat. If TDP faces defeat in Nandyal, He might bargain for more number of seats in 2019 Polls as an alliance partner. In case the Ruling Party wins with less than 10,000 majority, Even then PK will have an upper hand. So, The neutral stand of Jana Sena is a very clever move.