Runway 2 or 20? Confusion killed 49 People!

Wed Mar 14 2018 11:07:15 GMT+0530 (IST)

An US-Bangla Airlines Flight from Dhaka to Kathmandu crashed into a football field near the Tribhuvan International Airport on Monday. 67 Passengers and 4 Crew Members are on board the ill-fated flight. About 49 people were killed in this air crash.

Bangladesh Government constituted a six member committee to find out the reasons behind the deadly crash. The last four minutes conversation between the Air Traffic Control and Pilot of the Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 suggests confusion over the runway led to the disaster.

ATC told Pilot not to proceed towards Runway 20. Then, The Pilot was asked to remain on hold as another aircraft was approaching.

Later, ATC asked Pilot if he wishes to land on Runway 02 or Runway 20. Pilot had initially preferred Runway 20. Then, Pilot was asked if he could see the Runway and he said 'No'. Soon after he was advised to turn right, Pilot told he is able to see the Runway. Though he preferred Runway 20, Pilot surprised the ATC by saying, 'Cleared to land Runway 02'. Still, ATC offered clearance to land on Runway 02.

The last words of the Pilot: 'Sir, Are We Cleared To Land?'. After a bit of silence, The ATC Controller shouted: 'I Say Again, Turn!'. Within no time, Aircraft crashed in the football ground near Kathmandu Airport.

Airport Manager Raj Kumar Chhetri says they are yet to reach a conclusion on whom among Pilot and ATC should be held responsible for the crash.