Reservations make People lazy Says Jayaprakash narayana | Jayaprakash narayana Comments on Reservations

Reservations make People lazy: JP

Thu Sep 21 2017 14:11:10 GMT+0530 (IST)

At the 'Prajala Kosam JP' yatra organized in East Godavari, Lok Satta founder-president Jayaprakash Narayana slammed Finance Minister Yanamala Ramakrishnudu for the pathetic situation in his Tuni Constituency. 'There are only 6 Lecturers for 650 Students in Tuni Government Degree College. In Mydukur, 13 Lecturers have been teaching 50 Students. Why Yanamala was unable to address it? I am conducting Surajya Yatra for bringing a change in this situation,' he said.

JP found fault with State Government for the poor drainage system in Kakinada. He added, 'The city has got a great history. But, What we get to see now is garbage lying everywhere'.

Jayaprakash Narayana opined State Government is making Students lazy by using Reservations for vote bank politics. 'It's better to provide high-quality primary education rather than making people jobless by offering admissions through reservations. Though Parents have been investing more than what they can on the education of their children, Standards haven't been maintained & Students weren't able to compete at the highest level,' he says.