TRS-BJP Alliance For 2019 Elections

Thu Aug 09 2018 23:19:01 GMT+0530 (IST)

Revanth Reddy alleged there was a secret pact between PM Modi and Telangana CM KCR for the Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman election. He commented TRS Chief has been roaming around by placing BJP in one hand & MIM in the other hand. 'The battle was between NDA and UPA for Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman Post. As TRS supported NDA, People came to know about the secret pact. In the upcoming election, There will be an alliance between TRS and BJP,' he opined.

The Firebrand Leader accused Adani Group Chief Gautam Adani of acting like a mediator between Modi & KCR. He alleges KCR went to Chennai on Wednesday in the aircraft belonging to Adani.

Kodangal Legislator complained corruption happened in the 1000 Megawatts power procured from Chhattisgarh by TRS Government. He alleged KCR has been buying power for high price from Marwa Power Company to which Adani Group supplies coal.

Revanth Reddy alleged TRS has been trying to stop Rahul Gandhi using students of weaker sections in Osmania University. He challenged KCR to show his guts by making KTR and Harish Rao stand in place of innocent students. He even dared to say Congress Workers would crush TRS Leaders under their feet if that happens.