KCR Will Fail Just Alike RGV! Who Said That?

Sun Oct 21 2018 11:46:14 GMT+0530 (IST)

Revanth Reddy never fails to draw the attention whenever he holds a mike in his hand. He made some interesting remarks on CM KCR & TRS Manifesto during the poll campaigning.

Comparing KCR with RGV, Revanth Reddy commented: 'Just alike Varma couldn't live up to the standards after 'Shiva', KCR is going to fail up on ruling the state for over 4 years. Congress Party is like Veteran Filmmaker K Viswanath'.

'Rathri' which was the next movie of RGV after 'Shiva' had bitten dust. K Viswanath commands a lot of respect even Today for the kind of critically acclaimed films he made.

The Firebrand Leader won't hesitates to attack KCR & his Family. He was the one who kept raising certain logical points that trouble the TRS Leadership. But, This analogy is certainly not the best one expects from him.a