When Harish Rao Sent Gujarat Woman To US?

Wed Sep 12 2018 22:30:57 GMT+0530 (IST)

Political Parties in Telangana have been trying to gain upper hand over their opponents in some way or the other.  

Firebrand leader Revanth Reddy termed the notices issued by Jubilee Hills police in connection with irregularities in the Housing Society as witch-hunting by the TRS. 'KCR begun witch-hunt with Me. Let him book cases and arrest Me. I will show him what will happen next,' he challenged.

Revanth Reddy accused KCR's Family Members of involvement in fake passports and visas scam. He alleged that Harish Rao sent Gujarat Woman to America claiming she was his wife when KCR was Minister and even Bodhan MLA Shakeel was also involved in this case. 'KCR and Harish Rao were exempted from the case as Mahendar Reddy was offered DGP Post. Jaggareddy wasn't involved in the passport scam. He was harassed just for opposing KCR,' alleged the Ex-MLA.

Mr.Reddy complains KCR appointed Cops belonging to his community only to harass the Congress Leaders who are in the hit list. He claims names of cops who are harassing them have been written in Congress Dairy to settle scores.

Revanth Reddy: 'KCR is trying to win elections by threatening Congress Leaders. Case under Arms Act was booked against Gandra Venkataramana Reddy though he doesn't have a licensed pistol. Police Officers shouldn't become KCR's private army. KCR won't even hesitate to kill Congress Leaders to retain power. Governor should order for probe with Sitting Judge on Fake Passports Case. Why Governor doesn't respond though law & order is under his control? We will move the court if Governor doesn't respond. We aren't scared of cases. We would come back to power and payback to KCR with interest'.