KTR Offered Funding For Bharat Ane Nenu

Thu May 17 2018 09:46:25 GMT+0530 (IST)

Revanth Reddy accused IT Minister K Taraka Rama Rao of offering money to 'Bharat Ane Nenu' Makers to ensure the name of the protagonist is 'Bharat Ram' in the movie as he plays the Chief Minister and that is why he was allowed to take part in the promotions. The Firebrand Leader opined KTR could settle as Anchor after the defeat of TRS in 2019 Polls.

Pointing out that KCR extended support to JD (S) in Karnataka Assembly Polls, Revanth Reddy asked TRS Supremo to offer an advice on with whom should Kumaraswamy-led party form the alliance. 'While the whole country is eagerly waiting to see what happens in Karnataka, BJP has been trying to pouch MLAs in an unacceptable manner. What's happening in Karnataka will repeat all over the nation. Now, KCR need to decide his stand,' says the Congress Leader.

The Kodangal MLA opined there need to be a debate on Governor role in Government formation. He feels the decisions of Governor need to be reviewed when none of the parties obtain magic figure. 'In Goa, Manipur and Meghalaya, Congress emerged as the single largest party. Whereas, Governors of those states have invited BJP and it's alliance partners to form the Government. As per Sarkariya Commission, The one which emerged as single largest party but doesn't have required seats to form Government will only have a 4th Chance. Party which obtained full majority, Parties which formed pre-poll alliance and Parties which formed post-poll alliance should get the first opportunity to form Government. PM Modi and Amit Shah have least respect for the Constitution of India. How can those who talk about ethics and values encourage defections? Vajpayee lost power with single vote as he is a man of certain principles. Whereas, Modi and Shah are greedy for power. Even Governor seems to be encouraging defections. Congress-JD (S) should be invited to form the Government at the earliest,' he demands.