Senior Hero's Call 'Boycott British Airways'

Sat Aug 11 2018 11:12:48 GMT+0530 (IST)

Bollywood Actor Rishi Kapoor didn't hesitate to call British Airways 'racist' after the ill-treatment meted out to an Indian Family in Berlin.

Recently, An Indian Family was offloaded from British Airways flight just because their 3-Year-Old Son was crying. A Crew Member had even threatened to thrown them out of the window if they don't cooperate for offloading. Security Personnel warned them about using handcuff if they don't exit the plane.

While responding on this episode, Rishi Kapoor advised people not to fly British Airways. He claimed to have stopped flying British Airways after the Cabin Crew behaved rudely with him twice despite being a first-class passenger. Instead, The Senior Hero suggests Jet Airways and Emirates are a better option as their staff behave in a dignified manner.

Following the backlash, British Airways ordered for a probe over this bizarre incident. Civil Aviation Minister Suresh Prabhu sought a detailed report on the incident.