Stop Having Sex With Foreigners: MP

Thu Jun 14 2018 17:45:52 GMT+0530 (IST)

Russian MP Tamara Pletneva wants women of her country to refrain from sleeping with the FIFA World Cup 2018 guests so as to avoid ending up single mothers with mixed-race children. She only hopes not to witness the trend of Young Women have sex with foreigners and then deliver babies.

The 70-Year-Old Lawmaker recalled local women had sexual relations with foreigners and became pregnant in 1980 Olympics held in Moscow.

To the query if World Cup boosts Russia's birth rate, Tamara replied: 'We should be giving birth to our children. Children are lucky if Mom-Dad are of same race, worse if they are of another race. It's the children who suffer the most in such cases. Either they will be left with their Mother or get abandoned'.

Earlier, Tamara slammed the #MeToo Campaign spreading in Russia against sexual harassment. She questioned what is the need to copy everything. According to her, Nobody gonna harass a Woman if she doesn't want it.