100 Saline Bottles To Save 700 Yr Old Pillalamarri!

Tue Apr 17 2018 11:05:58 GMT+0530 (IST)

We all must have heard of a big banyan tree located in Pillalamarri village in Mahabubnagar district.  It is the regarded as the second largest Banyan tree in the world and it is one of the tourist attraction in Mahabubnagar district.  A huge number of termites started destroying the tree a few months ago and the officials stopped the tourists visiting the tree from December 2017.

The experts started their attempts to save the tree by injecting chemicals into the stem but the tree couldn't recover.  As their attempts failed, they are now trying to breathe life into the tree by infusing saline drips.   They have put nearly 100 saline bottles that consist of Chlorpyrifos.  They are also proving chemically treated water to the roots and constructing concrete pillars to support the branches to prevent them from breaking up.

Let us hope the treatment of experts will yield results and the 700-year-old banyan tree will survive so that future generations can visit such a precious tree.