Samosa Caucus Fails In US Mid-Term

Thu Nov 08 2018 10:09:09 GMT+0530 (IST)

This is for the first time over 100 Indian-Americans came forward to test their luck in the mid-term polls scheduled to happen on Tuesday. Out of them, More than 50 have been on the ballot. About 12, including 4 incumbents, among them were running for the House Of Representatives and one for the Senate. This itself is a record!

Unfortunately, Samosa Caucus which is the informal group of the Indian Americans failed to increase its tally though all of its four incumbents are most likely to be re-elected to the House of Representatives, which is equivalent to India's Lok Sabha. Not even one of the more than half-a-dozen new Indian-American Candidates, who had an upper hand over their opponents in fund-raising, could be elected to the House Of Representatives.

Nevertheless, Indian-Americans managed to increase its tally in the Senate. While ARam Villivalam (Illinois Senate) is the first Asian-American State Senator, A Muslim Indian-American Mujtaba Mohammed got elected as North Carolina State Senate.

Pramila Jayapal, who is the first Indian American to be elected to the House of Representative in 2016, got elected again from the seventh Congressional District of Washington State.

Raja Krishnamoorthi won against Republican Indian-American candidate Jitender Diganvker In the eighth Congressional District of Illinois.

Ro Khanna who was elected to the House of Representatives in 2016 for the first time registered second consecutive win from the 17th Congressional District of California against GOP candidate Ron Cohen.

Three-term Congressman Ami Bera, most senior in the Samosa caucus, leads by 2,500 votes over his Republican candidate Andrew Grant in the seventh Congressional District of California.

Incumbent Jay Chaudhuri, an entrepreneur, was re-elected to North Carolina Senate from the State Senate District 15.

Niraj Atani registered his third consecutive electoral victory from Ohio House 42nd District. The 27-Year-Old isn't only the youngest Indian-American elected official in the US but also also the second Indian-American state elected official in Ohio history and the first Indian-American Republican.

Democratic Nima Kulkarni won against GOP's Joshua Neubert to make it to the Kentucky Assembly from State District 40.