Sania Mirza receives backlash for Lying

Sat May 20 2017 12:20:59 GMT+0530 (IST)

As part of her endorsement deal with OnePlus 3T, Sania Mirza decided to promote the Chinese smartphone on Twitter. The Tennis Star, however, ended up becoming a laughing stock after she promoted OnePlus 3T using iPhone.

Sania Mirza shared the tweet: 'Not rly a techie, but totally using the Oneplus 3T the past few months'.

Netizens began trolling Sania Mirza soon after finding out that she has been using iPhone instead of OnePlus 3T and her claims were just a promotional activity. Soon, Sania deleted the Paid Tweet but it's too late by that time. Twitterati accused the Tennis Sensation of lying just for the sake of some quick bucks.

This marketing stunt damaged the reputation of Sania Mirza. People may constantly keep doubting anything she speaks from now onwards.