Is Chinnamma Behind Amrutha?

Wed Dec 06 2017 12:57:42 GMT+0530 (IST)

One can't compare Tamil Nadu politics with any other state in India.  The high dose of drama, twists, thrills are the trademark of Tamil politics.  The latest example of this statement is Vishal's nomination and subsequent developments.  We all know what happened with his nomination so, let us move on to another sensational story doing rounds regarding Amma's life.

It is known that several stories have been doing rounds in the media regarding Jayalalithaa's life and none of the stories can be either condemned or accepted as Amma is not alive today.  But they are creating a sensation in Tamil Nadu.  The reports of Jayalalithaa had a live-in relationship with Shobhan Babu is one of the main stories grabbing the headlines.  Meanwhile, a lady named Amrutha grabbed the attention by claiming that she is the daughter of Jayalalithaa.  She is challenging that she is ready for the DNA test to prove her claims.  This challenge is making some people believe her claims.

Knowing the political background of Amma, how can a normal lady from Bengaluru claim that she is the daughter of Jayalalithaa? Why are some media houses giving so much importance to her statements? Who is behind Amrutha?  These are several unanswered questions.  But the latest information from the Tamil political circles says that it is none other than Chinnamma(Sasikala) who is backing Amrutha.  Everybody knows the talent of Chinnamma who is capable of changing the political scene just with a single move by sitting in the jail.   If that's the case, what is her game plan then? What will she do with Amrutha?

When Amrutha approached the Supreme Court claiming that she is the daughter of Jayalalithaa, Amrutha was directed by the Supreme Court to approach Karnataka High Court.  How did she approach the Supreme Court? Who is guiding her?  Amrutha petition in the Supreme Court has been signed by her relatives Lalitha, Ranjani.  It is known that Lalitha has already spoken with media recently and she revealed that Jayalalithaa gave birth to a girl child and Ranjani was present at the time of delivery.   

The twist here is.. the same Ranjani has met Chinnamma in Parappana Agrahara Jail sometime back.  The record of Ranjani meeting Chinnama in the jail has been published in the media recently and it has become a hot topic.  Linking all pieces of information some people are commenting that Chinnamma directed Ranjani and they have strategically brought Amrutha to the front.  If Amrutha claims are proven right in the court, she will become the true heir of Jayalalithaa and she will inherit the properties worth hundreds of crores.  When that happens, one can guess Sasikala will also be benefited because she is the back up of Amrutha.

Nobody can show proofs to the whole theory but if we think logically, there is every chance that it may be true.