In Talk: Save Buyers Policy!

Sun Oct 22 2017 22:20:09 GMT+0530 (IST)

Some of the biggest disasters have been delivered in Telugu Film Industry  in this year so far. The Double Disasters has pushed the Investors into deep trouble as the losses are too big to manage.

Top Distributors of TFI come up with 'Save Buyers' Policy. As per the proposed rule, 25 Percent Remunerations of Top Heroes and Directors will be kept aside till the end of full Box Office run of their movies. Heroes & Directors can claim the balance pay if their films achieve break-even. Else, 1/4th of their Remunerations will be used to compensate the losses of Buyers.

A Chamber Meeting is scheduled to happen on October 24th to discuss about the rules of 'Save Buyers' Policy. If the Industry Biggies agree to the proposals, All the Star Heroes & Leading Directors will have to comply with it. Distributors are expecting something positive to come out of this meeting.