Two Mini Kutamis In One Maha Kutami?

Thu Nov 08 2018 12:57:35 GMT+0530 (IST)

Will Maha Kutami stay united or get cleaved into two mini Kutamis? The Kutami, which was formed with the express aim of dislodging KCR and channelizing anti-TRS mood among the public, is now fighting over the issue of seat sharing. With each party fighting over seats, there is utter confusion and nothing has till now been finalized. Though the TDP is ready to take whatever the Congress offers, both the CPI and Jana Samithi are still adamant about the number of seats and the places of contest.

It is learnt that both the parties have given an ultimatum to the Congress. They warned that if nothing is finalized, they would have a separate meeting on Friday to chart their future course of action. On Thursday, CPI leaders Suravaram Sudhakar Reddy and Narayana met Telangana Jana Samithi chief Prof. Kodandaram. Thus, these parties will form a mini-Kutami and fight the elections separately. Both these parties are upset with the Congress Party giving leaks to the media. They are also unhappy with the attempts to confine them to single digit. Kodandaram is very particular about this and wants at least 10 seats. He is unable to stomach trolling by the TRS, which is saying they would very well have accommodated him if he wants just 10 seats. The CPI too is unhappy with the way the things are going. But, both know that they would be doomed if they go to the people alone. So they are threatening the Congress on one hand and are trying to talk with the same party again.