See where Harish was made to sit!!

Wed Oct 17 2018 15:55:46 GMT+0530 (IST)

In Chairperson Mao's dispensation, your place in the group photo or your seat in the party meets shows your place and standing in the party. It showed your proximity or otherwise with the party boss. TRS chief KCR seems to have taken a leaf out of Mao's strategy. The otherday, he had released the party manifesto on Tuesday. He did all the talking and did not allow anyother person to speak. He did not field many questions too. He said he wanted to and then simply left.

But, what stood out in the whole press conference was the place where KCR's nephew Harish Rao was made to sit. He was seated in the front row, but on the left corner. His was seen sitting uncomfortably and kept to himself mostly. He did not appear to be speaking to anyone and looked away amost throughout the press conference.

Of late, the TRS first family has completely sidelined Harish Rao. He has not been seen or heard in TRS media. No leader is talking to him openly for fear of being targeted by the TRS leadership. Only recenty, KTR had invited him to the party workers meet to show that all was well between him and Harish. Beyond that things haven’t changed for Harish. He is now keeping a low profile, as if waiting for the right opportunity to strike back.