Seflie Celebrities Are Upset With Hyd Metro!

Tue Dec 05 2017 19:41:46 GMT+0530 (IST)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has inaugurated Hyderabad Metro on November 28.  Hyderabadis are very happy as they were eagerly waiting for the Metro trains to be opened for common public.  Many people feel that the Metro will ease the traffic problem in the city.   Even though ticket prices are slightly high everybody is showing interest to travel in the metro to have first time experience.  Not just that, people are eager to take selfies while traveling in the Metro to share their pics on the social media.

This trend is not confined to common citizens but celebrities are also eager to travel in Metro to take a few selfies for posting on their FB pages.  But all those celebrities are getting uncomfortable traveling in the Metro because the coaches are crowded with common people.  Even though they are happy with the posh ambiance of the coaches, they are unable to digest the presence of commoners.   

Upset with the developments, they are coming up with posts comparing Hyderabad Metro with the Metros of developed countries like Russia.  They are writing satirical comments comparing the silent travelers of foreign Metro who are immersed in reading books with the common people of Hyderabad.  Surprisingly they are getting counters from the netizens that it is not right to compare this kind of things as there are huge cultural differences.   We can compare the technology and facilities of the Metro but we should not compare the Indians with the foreigners.