Ganguly wasn't allowed to sit in his Seat in Train

Sun Jul 16 2017 16:20:58 GMT+0530 (IST)

Former Indian Skipper Sourav Ganguly had an unpleasant experience when he boarded a train after almost 16 Years.

Reportedly, Dada reserved a berth in the First AC Compartment of Padatik Express travelling from Sealdah Railway station to Balurghat in West Bengal where his 8-feet bronze statue was scheduled to be unveiled on Saturday. By the time he entered into the coach, Another Passenger was spotted sitting in the seat allotted for him. Ganguly tried to clear the confusion but the fellow passenger was in no mood to move to the other seat.

Annoyed by it, Ganguly got down from the Compartment. People at the station went berserk upon spotting the Prince of Kolkata. RPF had to strive hard to clear the crowd. Later, Ganguly was allotted a berth in AC 2-Tier.

Currently, Ganguly is serving as the head of Bengal Cricket Association and member of Cricket Advisory Committee.