Top Director, Hero Raped Me: Heroine

Mon Mar 12 2018 16:36:37 GMT+0530 (IST)

When casting couch allegations were made against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein the whole episode has grabbed the attention of the international community and #MeToo movement started in the social media.  Several actresses across the globe came forward to narrate their ordeals with the filmmakers.  In a recent development, a Korean heroine raised rape allegations on a top director and top hero indicating that #MeToo movement is still on.  

Korean actress didn't reveal her name but she has revealed in a TV interview that award-winning director Kim Ki Duk has raped her.  She went on to say that hero Cho Jae Hyun also raped her.  Director Kim Ki  Duk has received several awards in Berlin, Cannes, Venice film festivals.  He made several films with hero Cho Jae Hyun.  The director-hero duo is referred as a successful combination.  

The heroine who levelled allegations against said that "When we were shooting in a remote area, Kim tried to enter my room. He used to ring my doorbell often in the nights.  If I didn't respond to him, he is used to call me over phone till the time I respond to him.  One day he invited me to his room to discuss the script.  As soon as I entered his room, he raped me."   She added that when she was working on the same film, the hero Cho Jae Hyun also raped her. She said that she was so disturbed by the incidents that she stopped acting for a long time and she took therapy to come out of the depression.

When the director was contacted to respond to the allegations, he left a text message that "I never fulfilled any personal desires through my position as a film director." He also added that "I have kissed women unilaterally in order to try to win their heart. But I never took more action than that without consent."