Stop Publicity, File Case & Send Culprits To Jail!

Sat Apr 14 2018 19:28:22 GMT+0530 (IST)

Casting Couch episode sponsored by TV Channels has come to the stage that people have been waiting to see when it will be ending. The issue in the Industry has already come to everyone's notice and MAA agreed to set up a Committee to address it. What's the point of holding debates for several days even after concrete measures were taken?

Why don't Sri Reddy approach police and court if she have all the evidence to prove her allegations? Everyone had seen how she had withdrawn her allegations after Sekhar Kammula warned her of legal proceedings. When evidence has been sought, Sri Reddy claims she have everything in her brain. Does such kind of approach really work?

The kind of language Sri Reddy has been speaking during debates on Prime Time is unbearable. Families are finding watching such debates extremely uncomfortable.

How long will Sri Reddy continue paying visits to TV Studios? News Channels would stop allotting time to her once if they find much more interesting news item. Better if she approaches police with evidence, drag the culprits to court and ensure they are sent behind the bars.