Sri Reddy Names 36 Tollywood Actresses

Mon Jun 25 2018 14:16:49 GMT+0530 (IST)

Actress Sri Reddy named 36 Tollywood Actresses & Singers who according to her had travelled to USA in the recent past. She had even leaked the photographs of few heroines on her Facebook page.

Sri Reddy claims to be cooperating with American Cops since two months and offered them all the information about sex racket. 'My Statement to US Officials helped them burst the sex racket. I am not against any Telugu Association in USA, but sex racket operated by Kishan. Fought against atrocities against women as a normal woman. I had gone to the extent of semi-nude protest. Without accepting a single penny, I had given interviews to every news channel. Whereas, Few media channels has earned good sum using Me for their TRPs,' she said.

Not even Bigg Boss was spared by Sri Reddy. She told Bigg Boss 2 hosted by Nani failed terribly in fetching TRPs and that's why sponsors have been offering money to media houses to promote it aggressively.