Sri Reddy Warns Pawan Fans, Slaps Herself!

Mon Apr 16 2018 21:11:03 GMT+0530 (IST)

Sri Reddy questioned why none of the Star Heroes have been coming forward to help though the lives of many women in the Industry are getting ruined. Describing Film Studios as brothel houses, She demanded Government to take them back from the people controlling them. 'I am a victim...I was sexually exploited in those Studios. None of the Industry Bigwigs came forward to speak,' she complained.  

The Actress warned Parents about the coordinators who are luring College Girls into the Film Industry. She advised Parents strictly instruct women in their families not to offer photos or phone numbers for coordinators. She also suggested aspiring Actresses to approach Film Chamber directly.

Sri Reddy questioned, 'How could we survive if Government bans prostitution? When we seek offers, We were told it's up to the Producer to decide who should be cast in the movie. Then, Producers can shoot films somewhere else and release there itself, not in Telugu States. If those like Lakshmi Prasanna come to Modelling and TV as well, What about people like us…how could we survive? Awards have been put on for sale or else there should be recommendations. Why Governments aren't responding though the issues have been coming to your notice? None of us have houses in Chitrapuri Colony. Influential People had sanctioned houses for your family members and relatives. Software professionals and outsiders have been living there paying rent. We want Government to take action against them. Not just Actresses, People in all the 24 crafts have issues. I appeal them to join the movement and find solutions. Pawan Kalyan has to control his fans, Does he alone have fans…your votes will vanish if you provoke them on us'.        

After stepping out of the press conference, Sri Reddy created a scene by slapping herself with slipper for calling Pawan Kalyan 'Anna'. 'Fans of Heroes need to stop trolling. A Woman has just began speaking…please understand. Pawan Kalyan…You married three women…Do you have any respect for the females? You advise Me to visit Police Station. I am slapping myself with slipper for calling Pawan Kalyan as Anna. No women would address him as Anna again. As a woman, I am insulting myself...forgive Me. Pawan Kalyan M*****D',' she commented apart from showing middle finger to Powerstar.