Telugu Woman Works in American Metro

Wed Nov 22 2017 15:48:12 GMT+0530 (IST)

A book 'Ants Among Elephants' penned by Sujatha Gidla (53) who works as a conductor at the New York subway brought her into the limelight.

Sujatha Gidla hails from Kakinada in Andhra Pradesh. She migrated to US at the age of 26. After pursuing Mechanical Engineering in B.Tech, She went to US for Masters and later became a Computer Programmer in a bank. She used to travel in subway daily for her work but wasn't happy with what she was doing then. Sujatha aspired to become a Lady Conductor of Subway after losing her bank job due to economic meltdown. She applied for the job and wrote the examination. Even before the results arrived, Sujatha had shifted her house and hence she was unable to know that she got selected. Luckily, She went to a Railway Office one fine day to enquire about her job before it's too late. That's how she got the job she desired in 2009. As a conductor, She need to make announcements while reaching the stations, check whether doors have opened & closed properly, and ensure passengers had a safe journey.  

For the first few days, Sujatha Gidla didn't reveal details about the new job to her mother assuming she will get hurt. One fine day, Her Mother got to know about it and then she gave an assurance that there is nothing to worry about her safety.

Sujatha Gidla is the first Indian-origin conductor of American Subway. People who came to know about her achievement used to congratulate her.