Suman Believes Pawan Kalyan Defeated TDP

Sat Jun 15 2019 22:07:03 GMT+0530 (IST)

Hero Suman kept saying that Pawan Kalyan will decide who should form the government in 2019 Elections. Even after knowing about the election results, The Senior Actor continued to say Pawan Kalyan played a crucial role in the defeat of TDP. 'I haven't seen a political party win as many seats in my life time. Jagan achieved a historic victory facing many hardships. Congratulations to him,' he said.

Suman appreciated CM Jagan for ensuring social justice by offering Deputy CM Posts to BC, SC, ST, Minority and Kapu Communities. He appealed the new Chief Minister to focus on establishing Film Industry in Andhra Pradesh.

In 2019 Election, YSR Congress achieved around 10 percent more vote share than TDP. Jana Sena, on the other hand, settled for close to 7 percent vote share. Even if this 7 percent votes go into TDP account, YCP continues to hold an upper hand with additional 3 percent of votes. Then, How could Suman say YCP won because of Pawan Kalyan? Yes, Pawan is one of the factors but Jagan could have formed the government any how.