Unfair to disclose Names of Film Celebs: Suman

Sun Jul 16 2017 12:09:42 GMT+0530 (IST)

Hero-turned-Character Artiste Suman found fault with media for revealing the names of Celebrities who received notices from Excise Enforcement Department. 'Just because notices were served, It doesn't mean that all of them are either drug addicts or drug peddlers. It's unfair to disclose the names of Film Personalities even before the investigation got completed,' says the Actor.

The Senior Actor, however, expressed concern over the drug culture in Hyderabad. He advised Youngsters to realize how their future gets spoiled with drug addiction. 'In those days, Legends like NTR and ANR used to be like role models for all. Young Crop of Actors shouldn't set a bad example by getting addicted to drugs,' he opined.

Suman made these comments while speaking to media persons at the residence of KSR Residency head Katuri Siva Nagababu in Repalle, Guntur District.