Supreme Court to decide on National Anthem again?

Thu Apr 20 2017 17:15:55 GMT+0530 (IST)

Supreme Court has passed a directive to all theatre owners to play National Anthem before every show and the implementation of the directive has been flawless. Many of the movie theatres including multiplexes follow the rules religiously and in no way they any disrespect towards National Flag or National Anthem are tolerated. But violence in these regards as become too much of a disturbance and the petitioner asked Supreme Court to make it compulsory that National Flag and National Anthem will be respected more on a daily basis so that people won't feel sad or bad when they are asked to respect their nation. It is a moment of pride and every citizen should be able to respect the flag without being forced.

For that the petitioner figured out at Public places, offices and government run machinery, as well schools and colleges, the National Anthem should be played daily and National Flag should be respected as per Article 51 from the Indian Constitution. Supreme Court agreed that people should not feel it is a compulsion rather they should be happy to respect the symbols of National pride and Integrity.

Well, the higher order of justice in India will give out a directive regarding the petition and there is a chance that it could become compulsory to host the National Flag at Public offices on daily basis rather than on Independence day and Republic day only. The court once again clarified that there is no need for physically handicapped to stand for National Anthem at theatres.