Get Your Daughter-In-Law Back, We'll Release Properties: Court

Tue Mar 13 2018 11:50:51 GMT+0530 (IST)

We have been reading a lot of reports of business tycoons fleeing the country after swindling hundreds of crores.  Common citizens always wonder how they escape from the country so easily.  In a recent development, Supreme court acted tough on a 75-year old woman when she requested the court to release her attached properties in relation to a financial fraud case involving her daughter-in-law Ritika Awasty.

The court asked the women to bring her daughter-in-law back to India then they would consider releasing the attached properties.  The court commented that her daughter-in-law has not only facing trial on charges of cheating and forgery but she also breached the trust of the court.   The court said "You have to get her back.  Speak to her and ask her to come back.  We can modify order only after she comes back.  Ask her to behave like a good daughter-in-law."

Going into the details of the case, Ritika Awasty used to be the promoter of a company named Bush Foods Overseas in Uttar Pradesh.  The company has cheated investors a few years ago.  Several cases were filed on her including cheating, forgery at that time.  Police arrested Ritika based on the complaints.  Ritika asked the permission of the court to visit London at that time and the court agreed to her request.  Ritika went to London but she never returned from there.  

Supreme court issued notices her later but she ignored them.  Supreme court expressed its anger for breaching the trust and seized the properties of her mother-in-law.  When she approached the court for releasing the properties, she was told to bring her daughter-in-law to back to India.  We have to wait and see whether her daughter-in-law will come back to India or not.