TDP MLA Candidate Replaced In Eleventh Hour

Thu Mar 21 2019 22:12:19 GMT+0530 (IST)

Generally, Leading Political Parties won't make any changes to the candidates list unless if there is no other option. TDP Leadership was in the same situation after the announcement of Tellaram Poornam as the MLA Candidate of Puthalapattu Constituency in Chittoor District.

TDP Cadre in Puthalapattu opposed the candidature of Tellaram Poornam. They endorsed the candidature of Puthalapattu In-Charge Lalitha Kumari.

Chandrababu Naidu took the health issues of Tellaram Poornam, who was admitted to hospital few days ago, into consideration following the uproar from partymen. He announced Lalitha Kumari as the MLA Candidate for Puthalapattu Constituency.

In 2014 Elections, Lalitha Kumari had unsuccessfully contested against YCP's M Sunil Kumar. She faced defeat by a margin of 951 votes in 2009 Elections. What she could gain with the lucky opportunity to contest 2019 Polls?