Galla Shocking Comments On Pawan!

Sat Jan 13 2018 21:52:12 GMT+0530 (IST)

It is known that actor and Jana Sena president Pawan Kalyan campaigned on behalf of BJP and TDP during the 2014 elections.  But still, some senior leaders openly criticised Pawan and Civil Aviation Minister at the Central Government -Ashok Gajapathi Raju commented that he doesn't know who is Pawan a few months ago.

As Pawan responded to those comments in a satirical manner.  Considering the situation, Chandrababu stepped into the scene and suggested to all the TDP leaders not to criticise Pawan Kalyan. From then onwards TDP leaders stopped criticising Pawan.   When Pawan visited Polavaram Dam construction site a few weeks ago, he made indirect comments that some TDP MPs are doing their own businesses leaving Polavaram project.  In a recent development, TDP MP Galla Jayadev responded to those comments.

He said that some people become MPs after doing businesses and some people start businesses after becoming MPs. He reminded that all the MPs went into the well and raised slogans and they have shown placards.  He said that their hands are tied and if their hands are untied they are ready to fight.

He said that they are available to the public but some people are carrying out a vicious campaign against them. He said that Vignan Rattayya's son might contest against him in the next elections.. and he will surely fight for the winning the elections.  He said that he tried for Tirupati ticket when Chiranjeevi resigned for the Tirupati seat for Rajya Sabha seat but he was disappointed.. and joined in TDP finally.  It is interesting to see how Pawan is going to respond to the comments of Jayadev Galla indirectly referring Pawan.