Time TDP Ends These Ridiculous Joker Shows In Delhi

Mon Jul 23 2018 19:33:00 GMT+0530 (IST)

Is the TDP serious about special status for Andhra Pradesh? After the failed No Confidence Motion, the TDP is stooping to ridiculously comic attempts to grab attention of the Telugus. They are enacting a theatre of the absurd in New Delhi. They are not only trivializing the issue by donning comical makeups and by going about singing and dancing near the Parliament complex.

TDP MP Siva Prasad, who was dubbed as non-serious joker for his many roles as a jester in the name of protests, came to Parliament on Monday in Annamayya's role and went about singing Annamayya Keertanas demanding special status to AP. Siva Prasad may be a drama artiste and may have done a couple of films too. But, doing such ridiculous things will only trivialize the issue and make the whole thing completely non-serious. It is important to note that he is only serving to lessen the importance of the issue and to show the AP cause in poor light.

It is time that the TDP understand that people like Siva Prasad are making AP a laughing stock before the whole country.  It should ask itself if such comic acts can achieve anything al all? Are the TDP leaders backing such mindless theatrics? Instead of all this drama, the TDP would do well to support the YSRCP bandh call and show that the Telugus are one?