TRS Looks To Make Themselves Even Stronger In State!

Wed Dec 12 2018 13:34:23 GMT+0530 (IST)

Telangana people gave a mixed mandate last time during 2014 elections. They did elect TRS but Congress showed strength with 26.3% vote share and 25 seats.

Now, the public mandate has been very clear and TRS won the elections with 48% vote share and 87 seats in Assembly of 119 seats.

Still, KCR and co. are looking to improve their strength in Assembly by attracting Independents and strong leaders from other parties.

When you want to see that you're the only winner for years, you try to keep increasing your popularity and also weaken others. TRS seems to have started weakening other parties by attracting new winners.

Independent MLA from Ramagundam Korukanti Chander met KTR at TRS Camp office and joined the party.

He said, "I started my political career under KCR and with TRS. I have always been a supporter and worker of TRS. So, I decided to join the Government and see that my constituency also gets all the benefits from the Government without fail!"

He also said, "I am here for my people and like KCR, TRS I only think about people welfare all the time. Hence, I accept his leadership for greater good of Telangana state!"