TRS Seniors Think KCR Is Like Jayalalithaa

Thu Jan 10 2019 11:23:05 GMT+0530 (IST)

There isn't much difference between the TRS and the TDP. In fact, TRS is an offshoot of the TDP. So, it has inherited several things like vice-like grip of the leadership over party cadre and absolute control. The TDP boss snoops around every party leader and clips their wings when necessary. It's ditto with the TRS.

KCR and has family's control over the TRS is absolute and complete. Everything has to pass through them and no other leader, however senior, has any say in the party. They have to submit to the party's leadership and maintain a smile on the lips even when they are angry. With the TRS landslide, the problems have only multiplied. The party leaders are unable to vent their anger in public. in private, however, they express their disgust at the goings on in the party. With KCR behaving like a despot, the other leaders can only speak in hushed tones behind the screen.

Their problems have multiplied after KTR has virtually taken reins of the party. The senior leaders are finding it very difficult to relate to him. They have some kind of equation with KCR, but KTR is too young for them. They can neither secure an audience with KCR nor speak up even when they meet him. They find that though KTR treats them with respect when they meet him, he does not call them for any suggestion or consultation. In effect, they have been reduced to being dummies. They feel that KCR's manner of working reminds them of Jayalalithaa's absolute leadership. "I never expected to face such a situation in Telangana," said a senior leader.