Why did DS, Somarapu annoy KCR?

Tue Jul 10 2018 13:30:20 GMT+0530 (IST)

KCR is a despot. His word is law. He commands and the party simply and unquestioningly obeys. He sits in his Pragathi Bhavan office and the whole party looks up to him for orders. His control over the party is absolute and his leadership is complete, final and full. He sets his own time table and operates from home-cum-office. Never does he visit the secretariat. Even the biggest of the leaders have to wait on him.

But, that seems to be a thing of past. KCR is vulnerable side is showing up. Chinks in his armour are becoming increasingly visible. Party senior leader D Srinivas has raised a banner of revolt. He and KCR's daughter Kavitha are at loggerheads. She has personally complained against DS, but KCR is still wary of taking action against DS. On Monday, DS held a closed door meeting with his supporters in a Hyderabad hotel. No media was allowed and even photographers were barred. This was aimed at charting out the future course of action for DS. If DS leaves, it will be a big blow for the party. Clearly, DS is planning to strike before the party strikes.

Another party MLA from Ramagundam Somarapu Satyanarayana has openly called the party corrupt and accused the leadership of encouraging groupism.  He even threatened to resign from the party. This has shocked KCR to no end. Two senior hands raising a banner of revolt almost at the same time is definitely a cause for concern for the TRS. Somarapu has thus attacked the party before it attacked him.

Why is KCR suddenly looking so vulnerable at a time when he should look invincible?