Demand - Elect Amrutha As MLA Unanimously!

Wed Sep 19 2018 09:33:28 GMT+0530 (IST)

CPM State Secretary Tammineni Veerabhadram and T-MASS Chairman Kancha Ilaiah consoled Pranay Perumalla's Wife Pranay and his Family Members. They opined Pranay paid the price for the casteism and people involved in such atrocities should be punished severely.

Tammineni Veerabhadram and Kancha Ilaiah claimed to be willing to send Amrutha to the Legislative Assembly without an election. They opined CM KCR should take the initiative for making that happen in protest against the caste discrimination. 'Why KCR didn't respond when such a big incident happened in the state? CM KCR, Home Minister Nayini, IT Minister KTR, District in-charge Minister Jagadeesh Reddy hadn't even come forward to console the deceased man's family. Congress suspended it's party leader who faced allegations of involvement in the crime. Why didn't TRS take action against it's Nakrekal MLA Veeresam? New Law has to be introduced for the protection of people opting for Inter-Caste Marriages,' they demanded.

CPI National Committee Member Narayana demanded that Amrutha's Father Maruthi Rao should be killed in encounter for the heinous crime.