EVM Tampering Allegations During Elections

Sun Dec 09 2018 13:37:34 GMT+0530 (IST)

Finally, the elections in Telangana are completed and the entire state is eagerly waiting for the results which will be out on December 11th. As there is three days gap between the polling and counting, so many rumors are coming out regarding the elections.

The first rumor that is doing rounds is some of the political parties are suspecting EVM tampering during the elections. Congress Party member Dasoju Sravan who also has some knowledge regarding the technical aspects is now allegedly making hacking allegations using a new technical configuration. They demanded that they should arrange jammers near the strong room and change the EVMs.

Some of the Congress leaders also gained permissions to stay and observe near the strong room. In fact, VVPAT  machines are there to solve these doubts. The machine shows the voter the symbol of the party they cast their vote. That print will go into the ballot boxes. So, the opposition party this time will definitely count the votes in the ballot box for sure. Even a mismatch of one or two votes will create a big ruckus.

On this note, Pratap Reddy who competed against KCR especially requested for the same. If the EC doesn't accept for this, he is claiming that he will go to the court as well. If a party loses with a margin of a small number of votes, then it will create another big problem. Let's wait and see..