Targeting Pawan Kalyan? Kona Venkat Clarifies!

Tue Mar 26 2019 16:40:37 GMT+0530 (IST)

Kona Venkat kept claiming that Pawan Kalyan was his soulmate all these years. Jana Sainiks were left stunned upon knowing about an interview of the Star Writer for Sakshi Media. There was severe backlash on social media ever since the interview was published.

To put an end to negative reactions, Kona Venkat came forward to issue a clarification. 'My Family was in politics even before I was born. My Grandfather served as Congress MLA, Minister, Assembly Speaker, AP Congress President and Governor of three Indian States. He was known for his clean image. Post his death, My Uncle Kona Raghupathi forayed into politics in 1995. He has done social service sacrificing his assets. Jagan recognised his services and offered him Bapatla MLA ticket in 2014. People supported our family in 2014 for the first time after 1983. At that time, Even My Friend Pawan congratulated him,' he said.

Kona Venkat recalled making public statements in favour of Jana Sena since 2014 even though YCP Activists criticised him. He added, 'Inspite of criticism, I didn't withdraw my comments as a well wisher and friend of Pawan Kalyan. Personal Loyalty and Political Loyalty are different. We can't ignore that Jagan and YCP offered our family a platform to serve the people after 30 years'.

The Writer informed Sakshi Media approached him for interview when he was campaigning for his Brother-in-Law Dronam Raju in Vizag South Constituency and friend MVV Satyanarayana in Visakha Lok Sabha Segment. 'In that interview, I spoke about Pawan Kalyan's honesty and character. Made it clear I am the first person who wishes to see Pawan at new heights in politics. Unfortunately, Those comments weren't published in the interview. When I was asked if I would differ with PK politically, I spoke about JSP-BSP Alliance and felt someone is misguiding him in Telangana issue why because he appreciated KCR rule few months ago. Lastly, I wish to say nothing comes in between friendship. I will to see Pawan achieve success in the path chosen by him,' he concluded.