Woman Author Promotes Public Masturbation

Wed Feb 14 2018 16:56:29 GMT+0530 (IST)

Much to everyone's shock, Renowned Bangladeshi author Taslima Nasreen  called Public Masturbation a 'victim-less crime'.

Recently, A Middle-Aged Man was found masturbating while sitting next to a Delhi University Student in a crowded bus. He had allegedly attempted to molest her as well. 'The seat started shaking while I was reading a book on my way to home in the orange cluster bus. Soon, I realized he is masturbating. He even tried to touch my waist with his elbow repeatedly. The act was recorded on my mobile phone before I reacted,' says the Victim.

This is how Taslima Nasreen responded on the incident: 'A man in a crowded Delhi bus masturbated. It should not be considered a big crime in the era of rape culture.  Men should rather masturbate, than rape and murder. Is masturbating in public a crime? Well it is a victim-less crime'.

Netizens reacted wildly to the version of Taslima Nasreen. Most of them opined the victims won't have control over what they are forced to see. They question, 'Is it acceptable if somebody is sexually pleasuring themselves in front of a Woman without her consent? It gets even worse when such things happen at public places which are considered safe for children. Can't a Man control his sexual desires in public places?'.