NCBN Vs Congress; Who Lost Because Of Whom?

Wed Dec 12 2018 17:27:05 GMT+0530 (IST)

Lagadapati Rajagopal for one week kept saying that Congress and TDP did hit TRS big time and they will be winning the majority for sure. Some exit polls also gave edge to Prajakootami.

Prajakootami compromising of TDP, Congress, TJS and CPI got a total vote percent of 32.8% and Congress has been the pivot of the group.

Congress got 28.4% vote share but just 19 seats. On the other hand, NCBN's TDP got 3.5% vote share with 2 seats to their name.

Congress is saying that NCBN lost trust of people and going with him as resulted in the loss. But TDP is saying that they had 14% vote share last time with 15 seats but going with Congress limited them to 13 seats and caused for the actual defeat.

The entire cadre of TDP shifted to Congress and TRS in Telangana with no strong leader in the state. Hence, the defeat is said to be more humiliating for NCBN than Congress.

Even political analysts are saying that TDP wanted to benefit from Congress but Congress benefitted from TDP. We have to wait and see, what will be AP people's mandate.