Telugus Ignored Two Telugu CMs!

Tue May 15 2018 13:10:17 GMT+0530 (IST)

Karnataka results are out.  BJP may not have achieved the magic figure to form the government but they are sure to form the government by a hook or crook.  Karnataka results gave a clarity on one thing that Telugu people in Karnataka didn't care the words of two Telugu CMs.   It is known that Telangana CM KCR who is making some noise at the national level with his Federal Front proposal met HD Deve Gowda in Bengaluru before the elections.  He gave a call to all the Telugu people in Karnataka to vote for JD(S).

There are nearly 50 constituencies which have huge Telugu population and the result will surely change if they vote for a certain party.  But the poll results are giving a clear indication that they didn't take KCR words seriously.  Though JD(S) may not get the majority, they are confident of achieving more than 40 seats but they are confined to 38 now.  Had all the Telugus voted for JD(S), they would have posted better figures.

On the other hand, the Telugus in Karnataka didn't even listen to AP CM Chandrababu words as well.  KCR asked the Telugu people to vote for JD(S) but Babu asked the voters not to vote for BJP.  Had the voters listened to Babu, BJP could not have won 100+ seats.   So, one would get a doubt that Telugu population didn't care the words of both Telugu CMs!