TDP -Congress Tie Up In Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairperson's Post

Wed Aug 08 2018 21:02:13 GMT+0530 (IST)

Now its finally out!! Till now the relation was hush hush. But now it is outin the open. The TDP will support Congress in the election to the deputy chairperson's post in Rajya Sabha. This has been announced by none other than MP Sujana Chowdary himself. The TDP has six Rajya Sabha MPs and will support the Congress.

Though the Congress-TDP have been inching closer over the last few years, they never tried to make their relations public. During the No Confidence debate, the TDP and the Congress voted together. But, even then, there were denials from both sides. Now, they have come out into the open.

On Monday, during the election of TDP Rajya Sabha MP CM Ramesh to the Public Accounts Committee, the Congress openly backed him. Though the TDP had only six votes, Ramesh could win only because of the Congress support. All these are pointing to a possible alliance between the TDP and the Congress during the 2019 elections.