This MLA Is Fighting Three Battles At The Same Time

Sun Oct 21 2018 13:18:35 GMT+0530 (IST)

If there is a list of  the TRS candidates who are having a really tough time, TRS candidate from Khammam's Aswaraopet Thati Venkateswarlu must top the list. There is problems galore for him ever since he was re-nominated by the TRS chief.

Soon after his name was announced, Thati went to Gurrala Cheruvu, Gangaram, Vaddera Cheruvu and other areas in Aswaraopet. Every place, he faced strong opposition from the people. The voters questioned him for not even caring to visit them even once during the last four and a half years. In another village, Kavadigundla, the people threw rotten tomatoes on him when he went there. Several TRS leaders have resigned from the party in protest against Thati being renominated.

Thati Venkateswarlu had won on YSRCP ticket and later joined the TRS. Several of his colleagues from the YSRCP days like Chanda Nageswara Rao are now ranged against him and Rao had even tried to attack Thati Venkateswarlu with a chair when the latter came for campaigning. According to reports, Thati is facing stiff opposition from villages like Chundrugonda, Tungaram, Mulakalapalli and others.

Making things worse, Thati has picked up quarrels with the voters in several places like Dammapeta. This has made him very unpopular among the womenfolk. Thati is now battling women's anger, party dissident's sullenness and stiff opposition from the rivals. He thus is fighting three battles at a time.